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Links "in the subject" and not just

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I'll fill on the extent as it'll appear free time and desire to share findings with others in the network.

CMS for a site.

CMS for a site.

With such a constructor made ​​this site. Constructor is free, but itself does not create. Work hard! ...

Octopus - hosting with WebGUI free website builder

Octopus - hosting with WebGUI free website builder
  • Hosting with integrated CMS WebGUI
  • Daily backup of databases. Chronology of backups for the past week.
  • If it need, You can use our DNS.
  • Our groundworks, namely the module templates, macros and additional SQL-query to output any information.
  • Technical support and advice on E-mail, Skype and the forum of web-octopus.com (Russian and Ukrainian languages).
  • Regular upgrade CMS WebGUI to the latest stable version.
  • Multiple email accounts on your domain name.
  • The opportunity to work with the post from an email client and a web-mail.
  • You can use our SMTP to send mail, even if your ISP banned, port 25 for external use. (Useful for mobile users - no need to reconfigure the mail each time you move from place to place.)
  • The ability to receive and send mail via an encrypted connection.
  • Built-in ability to accept payments on your site from the customers bank payment cards (Visa, Master ...). For this we have developed CMS payment gateways linking site with such payment systems as Portmone.com (for residents of Ukraine), Privat24 (for residents of Ukraine and Russia), LiqPay (for residents of Ukraine and Russia). And also there is the possibility to use integrated PayPal, Authorize.Net, Ogone, ITransact.
  • Ability to select on your site the language of the following languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English, German, French, Polish, Dutch. If necessary, by additional arrangement can install other languages.